People crowd into the Plaça Vella for the pine climb. | Pilar Pellicer

The mayor of Pollensa, Tomeu Cifre, says that all the political parties represented at the town agree that the pine climb during the Sant Antoni fiestas in January should be called off. "We all agree that it is impossible to have this with safe distancing. It is an extraordinary public health situation."

The fiestas committee meets on Monday and is expected to formally cancel the event, which traditionally attracts crowds packed into the Plaça Vella in Pollensa. The pine climb, unique to Pollensa for the Sant Antoni fiestas, is held on the day of Sant Antoni, 17 January.

Ahead of the committee meeting, Cifre was hopeful that the bonfires and blessings for Sant Antoni can go ahead. The Balearic government is advising against mass events but hasn't yet issued definitive measures for the fiestas.