President Francina Armengol

President Francina Armengol.

20-12-2021Pere Bota

The president of the Balearics, Francina Armengol, has tested positive for coronavirus, as reported by the government through a brief statement. The Balearic president has received the confirmation today and has mild symptoms of the disease, as she explained through her official Twitter account. "I'm fine and thanks to being vaccinated I only have mild symptoms," she shared.

Armengol is at home, already in quarantine, and since she is well she will continue working from home and will hold some necessary meetings at this time at the forefront of the management of the pandemic. The leader of the Balearic Executive has asked: "Let's get vaccinated and, especially these dates, let's take care of ourselves".


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James / Hace about 1 month

Vaccinated a tests positive! Also has symptoms like so many. But covid passports are the way forward. God people and politicians are so stupid.


Charles / Hace about 1 month

Jerry, admit it. She hasn’t got a clue nor have any of the other “experts”. Lockdown didn’t work, curfew didn’t work, vaccinations aren’t stopping the virus spreading. Meanwhile businesses are going broke as well as mental health issues. And don’t feel sorry for her. She hasn’t lost a day’s pay since all this started.


Jerry / Hace about 1 month

I am so happy that she is not in the at-risk age group and also doesn't have any of the illnesses that contribute to hospitalization. That is great to hear that because of those that she is not heavily impacted.


Mark / Hace about 1 month

Sometimes this paper also brings good news!


Charles / Hace about 1 month

She really should stay out of bars after closing time.