88 % of intensive care patients have not been vaccinated.

88 % of intensive care patients have not been vaccinated.

25-12-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The number of covid-19 cases detected in the Balearics between 8 and 21 December was 9,178, 33.1% more than in the fortnight between 1 and 14 December, when 6,891 cases of covid-19 were diagnosed.

The cumulative incidence in the last 14 days was 783 cases per 100,000, compared to the AI14 of 588 in the fortnight between 1 and 14 December, according to the latest "Epidemiological Surveillance Report", with data updated up to 23 December.

By islands, between 8 and 21 December, 7,266 cases have been diagnosed in Mallorca, 1,98 in Ibiza, 793 in Menorca and 21 in Formentera.

Puigpunyent is the Balearic municipality with the highest rate of infection between 15 and 21 December, with 929 per 100,000 inhabitants and 19 diagnosed cases, more than double the 8 of the previous week (8 to 14 December).

The next highest rates were in Costitx with 627 cases per 100,000 (and 9 diagnosed cases), Montuïri with 636 per 100,000 (19 new cases), Capdepera, with 633 per 100,000 (77); and Ibiza, with 627 per 100,000 (321 new diagnoses) between the 15th and 21st of December.

As for the effects of vaccination, 88 % of the 318 patients aged between 12 and 64 who have been admitted to intensive care units (ICU) in the Balearic Islands for covid-19 since the campaign began were not vaccinated. In addition, 7.5% of those admitted to the ICU had not completed the vaccination.

Of those who died of covid-19 under the age of 64, 79.1 % were unvaccinated and another 10.4 % had incomplete vaccination.

Among those over 65 years of age, 75.7% of the 214 admitted to the ICU had not been vaccinated and 9.3% had not completed their immunisation.

Among the 390 deaths in the Balearic Islands above that age since the vaccination campaign began, 67.7 % had not been vaccinated and 8.2 % had not completed their vaccination regimen.

Since the start of the pandemic, 119,709 cases of covid-19 have been detected in the Balearic Islands, of which 15.1% have been asymptomatic. There have been 947 cases imported from other countries (0.8%) and 1,321 from other autonomous communities (1.1%).

1,050 people died of covid-19 up to 20 December (the latest data in the report), one in four were elderly people in residential homes, with 265 deaths, 25.2% of the total.
1,838 outbreaks of covid-19 have been detected in the Balearic Islands, with 14,277 associated cases. There are currently 186 outbreaks with an open investigation.


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Ned / Hace 21 days

For those of you who are actually interested in "the facts" you can find the referred to report here…


… and is Resumen 83.

@Dr David - As a medical professional with presumably a doctorate in medicine I am a little disturbed that you need to turn to the MDB for information and interpretations of that information rather than turning to the actual source of information that is available to, well, everyone. I do agree that the MDB leaves a lot to be desired when it comes their reporting accuracy and completeness (like the report should have been directly linked to here) but seeing as you need someone to spell it out for you, on Page 39 and 40 of the report, that directly references vaccination, the data is from the 28/12/2020. That is, the data *IS* a snapshot of the time that the vaccine was available.

When it comes to the differences in the numbers from the start of the pandemic or the start of the vaccination problem the only reason to want to compare numbers from the start of the vaccination program (you stated "widely distributed" so you want an even smaller snapshot) rather than the start of the pandemic is to make the numbers to not look so bad for the no-vax side. At the end of the day an unvaccinated person is an unvaccinated person irrespective of reason… whether than be through the choice not to take it else no availability/existence of vaccines. What difference does that make? From my perspective its you that wants to skew the data here and not the MDB.

I am in the 12 to 64 year old age group as listed on Page 39 and having a 10x spread between fully vaccinated and not when it comes to ending up in ICU makes taking the vaccination quite the no brainer for me irrespective of what I may think/feel about boosters, our governments, big pharm, big tech or other. For me the big things is avoiding ICU… really the hospital in general. Out of clarity, no I am not including anyone with only a single dose (and I'm bundling them in with the unvaccinated) and these for me are not vaccinated. I don't think anyone will claim their washing is done while it is still sitting in the washing machine soaking wet. It has always been clear that to be considered vaccinated you are at or beyond 2 weeks after your last dose. And yes, the effectiveness of the vaccine is considerably lesser for those above 65 years (Page 40) but given one's immune system forms an integral part of the vaccine's effectiveness it's hardly surprising. To my mind its still way better than opting not to take it. But that's me.


Varant / Hace 22 days

Dr. David,

Thank you very much Sir for your fully relevant comment and observations. Unfortunately there has been too much one sided reporting (lazy reporting as one writer quite eloquently highlighted not too long ago) so it is refreshing to see the quest for fact based figures. Hopefully more of our co-citizens will demand the same and above all hopefully we will all get some answers.

Merry Christmas and here is to a more factual 2022.


Dr David / Hace 22 days

These numbers are extremely misleading and as a medical professional I'd like to know the true optics here.

Your publication is citing all vaccinated admissions and deaths as 'since the pandemic began'. Considering there was no vaccine for almost a year and most deaths and hospitalization occured in the first year, if we are going to give vaccinated vs unvaccinated numbers we should present those percentages since the vaccine was available and widely distributed.

I am extremely curious on the efficacy that we are seeing and want to remain vigilant on what we are being given here.