The theft was from a restaurant on C. Unió. | Archive


The Provincial Court has upheld a two-year sentence for a former waiter who stole 3,200 euros from a restaurant.

Around 2.45am on November 10, 2018, he went to the restaurant on the C. Unió in Palma, where he had worked until October 31 of that year. He opened the shutter with a copy of the key he had from the time he worked as a waiter, deactivated the alarm by entering the security code and forced the lock of the office door. He seized 3,000 euros from the office and took 200 euros from a tips' jar.

The owner contacted him, having identified him from security camera images. He said that he would return the cash. He didn't and was arrested.

The original two-year sentence handed out by a criminal court was appealed on the grounds that he had shown repentance and that there was undue delay in processing his case. This delay, one of seven months, was because he couldn't be located. As he had been identified from the camera images, and knew that he had been, the Provincial Court rejected his confession to the owner.