Agents of the UPR (Prevention and Reaction Unit) at Son Banya. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Son Banya is not suffering from any crisis or pandemic, even with the increased number of Covid infections, the sale of drugs has experienced a significant increase in recent weeks with a record month for December.

The shanty town, considered the largest drug supermarket in the Balearic Islands, is on the rise. The drug dealers who operate on a regular basis have managed to sell more than one million euros worth of drugs in just one week, although police sources (CNP, Local Police and Civil Guard) have confirmed that this amount may be much higher. The increase in sales is due to the opening of nightlife, company parties and small time dealers preparing for New Year's Eve celebrations across the island.

The same sources explained that the gypsy clans of Son Banya have decided to maintain market prices, but are cutting the product a little more in order not to lower the benefits of direct sales.

During the holidays, more than a thousand vehicles visit the settlement every day. The evening before Christmas Eve and Christmas, falling on the weekend, saw an increase in cars that came to the area with the intention of buying drugs. According to police sources, an average of one and a half grams is sold to each vehicle. Therefore, the amount of daily drug sales issued to individuals in Son Banya may exceed 1,800 grams of drugs.

The standard market price of cocaine is 60 euros per gram. Marijuana is 6 euros per gram, while a fifth of heroin is 20 euros. On top of these sales to individuals, the clans also sell wholesale to other dealers from other parts of the island.