CCTV footage of the offender, his face hidden by a hood. | R.S

The Guardia Civil are investigating a robbery committed in the early hours of Christmas Day in a bar in Alcúdia. The offender broke the front door of the establishment to steal around 200 euros, the amount that was in the cash register at that time. Everything was recorded by the bar's security camera.

According to sources close to the case, the suspect is an old acquaintance of the police, with a long list of previous convictions, who resides locally and is expected to be arrested in the next few hours.

In the recorded images, provided by the owner to the investigators, the suspect can be seen loitering in the vicinity of the bar, located on the road to Artà. Ten minutes later, at 5:25 a.m. he broke a glass door and entered the property. With his face hidden by a hood, he went straight for the cash register, and removed it. A few metres down the road he abandoned the till keeping about 200 euros. A friend of the victim alerted her after passing in front of the store and seeing the door smashed.

The owner of the bar lamented what happened on social networks, while asking for the collaboration of local people to see if anyone recognised the offender through the video. Several people who saw the images thought they knew who the thief was. This information has already been passed on to the Guardia Civil investigators.

The owner told the Ultima Hora "We are a family bar that is costing us a lot to stay afloat with all this crisis."