New Year and Kings should be very busy at the airport. | Efe


Francesc Mulet, president of the Aviba travel agencies association in the Balearics, says that cancellations of flight bookings to the mainland over the New Year period are currently running at around 20%.

"We are very concerned, as this harms all travel agencies. It had seemed that they were recovering, but a fear of possible confinement and the number of infections are leading clients to cancel reservations for flights and hotels. People don't know what situation they might find."

He adds that in order to get an airline voucher for a future flight, passengers have to justify that they are not flying as a result of the pandemic. Otherwise, tickets will be lost and will have to be paid for.

The destinations most in demand are Barcelona, ​​the Basque Country, Madrid and Valencia. All regions are at maximum risk for Covid, and the expectation is that health authorities will increase restrictions. “The situation is very difficult and the virus variants are generating a great deal of uncertainty. Agencies are holding out as best they can after having been inoperative for many months."

This same thing is happening in reverse, with airlines rescheduling flights because of cancelled bookings. Hoteliers are concerned that a steep fall in reservations will continue after Three Kings.