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On Wednesday, Balearic health minister, Patricia Gómez, announced that people who are asymptomatic or have mild Covid symptoms will no longer receive telephone monitoring by the health service. This will continue for people in vulnerable categories even if they do not have symptoms.

The decision to limit phone monitoring is in order to alleviate the current pressure on primary care, whose follow-up of active cases is at its highest since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Gómez added that people who test positive with a self-diagnosis test should isolate immediately and contact Infocovid. Within a maximum of 24 hours, they will be called in order to repeat the test, this time by the health service, and confirm the diagnosis.

On vaccination, the minister said that a start will be made next week on vaccinating children aged between five and nine and on boosters for those in the 18-50 age range who had the Astra Zeneca vaccine. These were mainly teachers and members of the state security forces.

A new app is to be made available to those who believe that they have been in close contact with someone who is positive and which will clarify whether they have been and therefore whether they should have a test.