Covid vaccination of children

The whole five to eleven age group will now be covered.

29-12-2021Europa Press

Vaccination of children aged five to eight will start this coming Monday.

Balearic health minister Patricia Gómez announced on Wednesday that booster jabs for people aged 18 to 50 who had received the Astra Zeneca vaccine will also begin to be administered from 3 January. Astra Zeneca was given to certain professional groups, such as teachers and members of the state security forces.

With the youngest children now to be vaccinated, the whole under-12 age group will be covered and will receive the lighter dose of the vaccine that has been prescribed.

Booster jabs are otherwise currently available for people over the age of 50, for those under 50 who had the Janssen vaccine and for health and social care workers.

From the start of the new year, there will be new vaccination points and ten mobile vaccination teams with armed forces' health personnel.


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Rodrigo / Hace 17 days

This is crime against humanity. How to explain this


Ben / Hace 18 days

At least test for antibodies first?

Ughh, disgusting.


Max / Hace 18 days

@Ronny. Why do you mind if big Pharma earns more money? The most of us see no problem, so why not just join and be happy?


Jerry / Hace 18 days

Ronny - sure! Money.


Ronny / Hace 18 days

Can someone explain to me why you would vaccinate the children with this MRNA technology?