Weather for New Year's Eve. | MDB

A powerful anticyclone is dominating at present and keeping storms from the Atlantic at bay. Lilve feed from Alaro.

Today, there may be some cloud or fog until mid-morning but skies will clear and temperatures will range between 18C and 23C. Westerly breezes will be very light. Webcam views from Paguera.

Forecasted temperatures for today (C) -

  • Felanitx 10 - 1

  • Lluc 7 - 18

  • Palma 10 - 20

  • Pobla, Sa 7 - 22

If you are out tonight to celebrate the New Year it will feel a bit chilly, mainly due to the humidity, with temperatures of between 10 and 13, cloudy in Palma and some fog expected across much of the rest of the island.

New Year’s Day’s weather will be a repeat of today, with a possible high of 24C.

Weather forecast for the next few days:

You can keep up to date with the weather across the island here.