Public holiday means less testing. | Gemma Andreu


The Balearic health ministry reports 822 new positive cases of coronavirus on Sunday. These are 696 fewer than were reported on Saturday.

Saturday having been a holiday accounts for the lower number of cases - not as many tests as usual. The test rate for the 822 cases is given as 23.61% (3,481 tests). It was 24.75% for 1,518 reported on Saturday (6,133 tests), a number of new cases that was also down on the 1,973 on Friday.

The latest figures for cumulative incidence show a 14-day rate in the Balearics of 1,627.2; Mallorca 1,621.7; Minorca 1,773.3; Ibiza 1,609.7; Formentera 1,092.1. These are all up. The seven-day incidence (as of December 31) was 817.2, down from the previous day's 823.4.

The ministry hasn't given other updated figures. The number of Covid patients on wards on Friday was 235, which was a decrease of eight from the previous day, and the number in intensive care was an unchanged 61. The number of deaths, 1,068, was unchanged.