The Parc is in a state of disrepair. | Jaume Morey

The Town Hall of Palma will begin in the middle of this year the first comprehensive reform of the Parc de la Mar since its creation 38 years ago. The budget for this project is 955,958.40 euros, which will be financed by the annual Plan for the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism. The Parc de la Mar has a surface area of 91,356 square metres, including 25,320 square metres of lake. It was built with traditional materials, such as sandstone, in 1984, but has suffered significant wear and tear and due to its complicated repair it generates a danger for pedestrians. “For this reason, the improvement project elaborated by the council contemplates the replacement of the pavement of approximately half of the park, about 6,000 square metres", explains the councilor of Infrastructures and Accessibility, Angélica Pastor.

The stone will be replaced with a prefabricated tile that will be produced expressly for this space and that will harmonise chromatically with the historic complex of the wall, the Cathedral and the Almudaina, "thus providing this space with a pavement of a neutral tone similar to the sandstone but with the appropriate resistance," says the councilor. This tile has been approved by the Historical Centre Commission.

In addition, 240 linear metres of balustrade will be replaced, replicating the existing one, "thus eliminating a danger to citizens due to its poor condition". Also, 73 linear metres of the pavement bordering the lake will be repaired and the trees will be replaced by building larger tree wells so that the trees can grow better. The project also includes the installation of ten accessible benches and litter bins and two accessible fountains.

As for lighting, a specific lighting will be created for the pier, with an installation of 170 metres of LED strips, which will improve the aesthetics of this space at night, and the lighting installations will be updated with a total of 41 new LED luminaires. The project also includes the installation of removable lampposts to allow for the cinema screenings in the summer and another seven ground lampposts to illuminate the mural of Joan Miró.

The municipal responsible reports that the project is now ready for authorization, "so if the deadlines are met we could start the work in the middle of this year. Once the work has started, the execution period is 18 months. This project is actually a first phase of a comprehensive renovation plan for the park, "which will improve the aesthetics of an environment where the main tourist attractions of the city are located, as well as being a point of arrival for many visitors," recalls Pastor. It is also a much-needed intervention "to increase the safety and accessibility of this space".

The first phase will begin in the space that begins in the ramp down located in the stands near Antoni Maura and includes the entire esplanade in front of the shop, the car park and the ramp up to the bridge.