The Covid passport - a requirement regardless of capacity inside bars and restaurants. | Josep Bagur Gomila

Since the Balearic government first announced that the Covid passport would be a requirement for entering bars and restaurants, 19,378 people have had a first dose of vaccination.

The announcement was made on November 29 and the measure came into effect on December 4. Even between these days, queues were forming for vaccination.

The government never disguised the fact that this was a measure designed to encourage those who had been reluctant to get vaccinated. While some 20,000 have been vaccinated since late November, there are 26,665 in the Balearics who have not been. The health service has been contacting these people, who say that they will not be vaccinated.

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Of those vaccinated for the first time over recent weeks, five per cent have been children aged 12 to 15 and three per cent have been 16 to 19-year-olds, a similar percentage for those in their twenties. The vaccination of under-12s started on December 13, and 14,307 nine to eleven-year-olds have been vaccinated so far. This figure is on top of the 19,378.

The acceleration in the pace of vaccination since the government's announcement can be noted by the fact that there were 11,305 first vaccinations in the whole of November.

As of Wednesday, 958,750 people had received at least one dose and 925,642 (82.71% of the target population) the complete course.

* Prior to the government making the Covid passport a requirement for restaurants and bars, it was needed for nightclubs and for care homes for the elderly. It has since been extended to include the likes of cinemas and spas.