The Technological Crimes Group, in charge of the investigation. | UH


The Technological Crimes Group of the National Police is already after cybercriminals who, impersonating the identity of the Amazon platform, try to steal user data. Through the official Twitter account @Policía the agents alert citizens of this new scam linked to Amazon. Undoubtedly this is a scam widely used, especially in recent weeks, taking advantage of the Christmas, New Year and Epiphany dates, where the volume of messaging soars.

It is a campaign of sending fake e-mails impersonating the identity of Amazon whose objective is to redirect the user through a totally fraudulent link to a portal that pretends to be that of the Amazon platform. Once there, the customer is asked to complete a survey in order to qualify for very expensive electronic products for a negligible amount.

Once the cybercriminals gain the user's trust through simple questions that apparently do not lead us to believe that it is a scam, they ask us to enter our name, telephone number and e-mail address in order to place the order. Once they already have the personal and even bank details, the page will display an error. The scam will be completed and the data will already be in their possession. In case of being swindled you should report it at any National Police station.