An explosion of Omicron cases in Mallorca. | Miquel À. Cañellas


Specialist in public health and preventive medicine, Joan Carles March, believes that the actual number of Covid infections is double those reported. He says that there are those who estimate that the real number is three times higher, therefore, the number of people infected is at least double the officially reported situation.

He stresses that it is important that people quickly communicate their positive status to the health service, so that it can monitor what is happening, as this is the basis for surveillance of the situation.

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In his view, a lack of tracers, the high number of asymptomatic cases and the amount of self-testing make it impossible to have a real picture. If there were almost 5,000 new positive cases of coronavirus on Thursday, it was more like 10,000.

The very high numbers are because Omicron variant is much more contagious, although everything indicates that it is also less virulent. March feels that it is likely that the speed of infections will decrease and that a peak in infections will be reached.

But he notes that not everyone who is positive with a self-test is reporting this to the health service, while contacts who are not vulnerable or who are asymptomatic must self-follow up and maintain low-risk behaviour.