People on the C. Oms in Palma, Mallorca

Over one in three people are testing positive.

09-01-2022Jaume Morey

The Balearic health ministry has reported 3,219 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday - 1,067 fewer than were reported on Saturday.

By island, but with some cases "unassigned", there are 2,462 in Mallorca, 405 in Ibiza, 207 in Minorca, and 15 in Formentera.

The 3,219 cases are on the basis of 8,867 tests. The test rate is 36.30%. The test rate on Saturday was given as 37.31%, and the seven-day positivity rate is currently 34.61%.

On hospital wards there are 292 Covid patients, ten more than on Friday - Mallorca 253 (+14), Ibiza 28 (-3), Minorca eleven (-1). The intensive care occupancy rate is 22.87%, up from 21.41% on Friday - 78 patients, an increase of five: Mallorca 68 (+3), Ibiza five (+1), Minorca five (+1).

Primary care in the Balearics is monitoring 39,013 people, an increase of 1,896 since Friday; Mallorca 31,673, an increase of 1,465.

The 14-day cumulative incidence for the Balearics on Saturday was 2158.9; seven-day was 848.3.

By age group, the 14-day incidence at present is: Under-16 - 1848.2; 16-29 - 3390.1; 30-39 - 2506.2; 40-49 - 2466.4; 50-59 - 2206.3; 60-69 - 1216.4; Over-70 - 666.6.

The total number of cases since the start of the pandemic is 154,908. The ministry has confirmed one new death - the total is 1,073.

Vaccination - 963,136 people have had at least one dose, 86.06% of the target population and 3,574 more than reported on Friday. With the complete course - 928,176 (82.94%) and an increase of 1,601.


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Mark / Hace 11 days

OMG!!!! 1 person died!!! Would be nice to know how many people died of "normal" causes, as this sort of "news" has no bearing, if you cannot relate it to real life.

What is also rather concerning is the suicide rates. I mentioned this from quite early on in the lock down period. There seems to be no or very little attention to the ever increasing suicide rates. In many countries the suicides deaths are a multitude of the corona related deaths. Yet no politician seems to care about that.