The bus stop in Ramon Llull street in Maria de la Salut, where the assault took place. | Redacción Sucesos

Agents of the Local Police of Maria de la Salut have arrested the young man who assaulted, a few days ago, a TIB bus and threatened to kill the driver. The police officers located the suspect inside an abandoned house in the municipality. During his arrest, they also seized several of the driver's personal belongings, wallet, documents and several knives.

The robbery was perpetrated at the bus stop located on Ramon Llull street. At around 9.30 p.m., the bus entered the village and arrived at the stop with two passengers onboard bus. At that moment, a teenager - who spoke Mallorcan - tried to enter the vehicle without wearing a mask. The driver politely reproached him for this action and asked him to put a mask on. The youth then addressed the driver in the following terms: "I'm not going to wear the mask. And now, on top of that, I'm going to rob you. Give me everything you have or I'll cut you", wielding a large knife while placing it near the driver's neck.

The worker handed him his wallet with all his documents and money, as well as all the bus fare in cash. Once he had obtained the loot, the boy got off the bus, crossed the street and left. The concessionary company and the driver filed a complaint in Llucmajor