Excavation work is restarting. | MDB


Work having stopped because of Covid, Capdepera town hall has now restarted archaeological excavation in the area of the Rei en Jaume gate at the castle. The councillor with responsibility for the castle, Agustí Nebot, says that two digs are planned in addition to restoration of the chapel bells.

The castle remains closed until February 6. Once it reopens, activities will resume. On Wednesdays, when the market is held in Capdepera, there will be demonstrations of making wicker from the leaves of dwarf fan palms. Tours of the castle, including the use of audio guides, are to be offered.

A project currently being looked at is making museum pieces of the twenty nautical markings that were found in church chapels in 2016.

In the summer, a series of concerts with a younger audience in mind is planned, Nebot saying that the idea is to broaden activities to another sector of the public.

The budget for the castle's trust in 2022 will be 184,000 euros.