For years, the National Police have been working to control the apartments and brothels in Palma. | J.B

Agents of the National Police Corps have arrested a well-known 'madam' accused of forcing several women, all of them of Chinese nationality, to have sex or give erotic massages 24 hours a day in an apartment in Son Gotleu.

The Immigration Department of the National Police has uncovered a hundred apartments or chalets where prostitution is practiced. More than 85 percent are brothels where women practice prostitution and the remaining 15 percent is divided between apartments male sex, transvestites or transsexuals.

The pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the government have largely changed the habits of sex workers and their clients. At present, sexual practices in the street have been practically eradicated. The sex workers advertise privately (Milanuncios, Pasión etc...) or use mobile applications such as Tinder or Grinder to attract clients. The number of independent workers is 10 percent, while the remaining 90 percent work on commission with those in charge of the improvised brothels.

The Police learned through confidential information that massage and sexual services were being offered in a house near the neighbourhood of Son Gotleu, Palma. The police officers proceeded to carry out an inspection in the aforementioned property and were able to verify that massage and prostitution services were being offered there, identifying several Chinese citizens, all of them without proper immigration status in Spain.

It was also found that the 'madame' had several women working 24 hours a day as prostitutes and forced the young women to accept any type of proposition from the clients. In addition, she had one of them working about ten hours a day performing cleaning tasks, buying household goods, or preparing food in exchange for 10 euros a day. The 'madame' took advantage of the serious situation of vulnerability of the victim as she was here illegally and could not work legally. The alleged perpetrator was arrested for a crime related to prostitution, favouring illegal immigration and against the rights of the workers, and a police report was processed and sent to the court.

Sources confirm that it was a centre with great activity and that it was frequented by a great number of clients. At present, the police have counted about ten houses run by oriental people who practice prostitution.