Vaccine roll out is one of the lowest in Spain. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

More than 185,000 people in the Balearics over the age of 5 years remain unvaccinated despite the fact that infections continue to soar due to the omicron variant.

At present, 83.4% of the population of the islands have the full vaccination schedule. The Balearic Islands continues to be the autonomous community with the lowest percentage of vaccinated people, as the Spanish average is above 90% and in some communities, such as Extremadura and Galicia, the percentage is as high as 94%.

The Balearic Islands continues to be at the bottom in terms of child vaccination.

According to the latest data provided by the Ministry on Friday, 24.5 % of children under 12 years of age have been vaccinated in the Islands.

The Spanish average on that day was 40% and Galicia has already vaccinated 73% of the children in this community. With the exception of Ceuta and Melilla, the Balearic Islands is the region with the lowest percentage of vaccination in all age groups.

Vaccination is progressing very slowly while infections continue to soar, although a slight decrease was reported today, although it is not yet known if it is definitive or if it is temporary due to the fact that on the weekends people go less to the PAC or to take the COVID tests.