The five in court. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

A Palma court has sentenced five men to a total of seven years in prison for drug dealing and for which they used a greengrocer's in Palma's Pere Garau district as a sales point.

In September 2020, the National Police initiated an investigation following reports by residents about activity at an address on C. Francesc Pi i Margall. Officers established that drugs were being sold. On October 5, surveillance of the greengrocer's started. On two occasions, officers stopped people who had left the shop. They were in possession of cocaine.

At their trial, the five denied that they had been dealing. However, the police had found substances during searches at the apartment and at the shop. The sale of drugs at the greengrocer's was verified by the officers who were watching it and by the interception of buyers after they had left the shop.

One witness was a woman who stated that she had travelled to Palma from Ibiza and bought cocaine at the greengrocer's. She was sold a gram for 70 euros. The police had "clearly determined" that part of the business premises was used for handling drugs.

The five were also fined 9,300 euros each.