these will all be replaced by roundabouts. | E. BALLESTERO

Podemos in Pollensa, which basically means councillor Michael Muller, were celebrating having attracted a Council of Majorca councillor to come and explain roundabouts to the citizens. This was the councillor in charge of roundabouts, Ivan Sevillano (mobility and infrastructure), who - it so happens - is a member of Podemos.

The town hall administration, meanwhile, was celebrating the fact that the councillor had come along to present roundabout plans to all members of the town hall - Podemos included. So, it may well have been that Sr. Sevillano had in fact invited himself, along with the director for infrastructure, Olga Martínez.

The niceties aside, the councillor’s visit was welcome in that it marked progress in sorting out the utter disasters of junctions in Pollensa that have needed sorting for years. One of these, the industrial estate’s, is comparatively recent and merits an award for the confused genius of its design. The others are the Roser Vell access to Pollensa and the accident waiting to happen (and which too often has) that is the Cala San Vicente turn.

At some point in the not too distant future, these will all be replaced by roundabouts. Road safety in Pollensa will be improved, observed the town hall. Thank Heaven for that. And not before time.

Just apropos the town hall’s post about this on Facebook, I’m afraid that our old friend the automatic translation facility was up to its tricks again. Sevillano had met the mayor and (in Catalan) “la resta de membres del consistori”. Which became “the rest of the con stories”.