The money was paid in August 2020. | Pixabay


A Palma court has sentenced a woman to eight months in prison (suspended) for defrauding the buyer of a poodle puppy out of 500 euros.

In August 2020, the would-be purchaser responded to an advertisement on a buying and selling website. Poodle puppies were being offered for 500 euros each. He contacted the woman and gave her 200 euros deposit. The puppy was due to be delivered two weeks later, when the outstanding amount was to be paid. Four days before this delivery date, the woman called the purchaser and told him that she needed to have the dog vaccinated and that he should pay him the outstanding 300 euros.

No puppy was ever delivered. The man did manage to get 150 euros returned, while a further 100 euros were paid back in advance of the court hearing.

The 56-year-old woman, who has a record of previous fraud, was sentenced to eight months, suspended for three years. This is on the condition that she commits no other crime during the three-year period, returns the outstanding 250 euros and performs twenty days community service.