Can Escarrintxo has been the location for the climax to the Moors and Christians battle. | S. Cases

You will no doubt recall that Pollensa town hall has been engaged in a participative process in inviting residents to ‘Imagine Can Escarrintxo’ and to offer ideas as to what to do with this land.

The town hall doesn’t actually own this land, the old football ground that is best known for staging the climax to the Moors and Christians annual August battles. The town hall wants to own it. Having spent 25,000 euros a year for the past 20 years in renting it, half a million euros have been set aside for its acquisition. Once purchased, the imagination of the residents will be put to good use in determining the reason (or reasons) for the acquisition.

However, the town hall has run into a bit of a snag, which the opposition Junts Avançam describe as “unfavourable technical and legal reports”. All parties at the town hall are in favour of the purchase, but there is a question mark over the valuation. This is because Can Escarrintxo is apparently classified as “rustic” and cannot be paid for at a price as if it were urban land.

Once more, therefore, we enter the complex world of land classification and building regulations, there being a possibility - as Mayor Cifre has admitted - that the Council of Majorca’s Agency for the Defence of Territory might also come along and start asking awkward questions about things that have been installed there - illegally. Another opposition group, the Alternativa, are advising the mayor to stall purchase negotiations and wait for an environment ministry report.

Negotiations on hold and also, for now, the imagination.