Rafa Nadal with the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup after winning the Australian Open. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - EFE

The euphoria over Rafa Nadal winning the Australian Open, his 21st Grand Slam, and going down in history for conquering the most Grand Slams and becoming the greatest tennis player in history, appears to be losing its momentum.

Numerous suggestions have been made by the public and politicians with regards to honouring his achievements, from renaming Palma airport after him to erecting a statue in Palma.

However, the proposal tabled by Ciudadanos on Palma council for a statue to be put up in the city has been rejected by the council.

At best, according to council sources, Rafa Nadal may be presented with the keys to the city and proclaimed an “adoptive son” of Palma.

The suggestion of renaming the airport after him has also hit a number of stumbling blocks because apart from the alleged cost involved, the Spanish airport authority AENA has to decide.