Sa Pobla's mayor, Llorenç Gelabert, and the councillor for heritage, Antoni Simó Tomàs, inspect the graffiti. | Archive


On July 26 last year, Sa Pobla woke up to discover that the Son Cladera water mill had been daubed with graffiti. It was not difficult to notice this, as the mill, which is a listed building, is visible from the road.

Seven months on and the graffiti is still there, but not for much longer. The Council of Mallorca's department for mobility and infrastructure is about to remove it. Councillor Iván Sevillano says that this will be done "in a matter of days".

As to why it has taken so long, the councillor explains that his department had not wanted to use conventional sandblasting methods because the mill has protected status. "We asked the heritage department for advice on hiring specialist restorers to carry out the operation."

The mill, because of its location by a main road, is the responsibility of the Council department. Nevertheless, Sa Pobla town hall had called for the graffiti to be removed in the shortest possible time

The Partido Popular, in opposition at the town hall, noted a few days that seven months had passed and that nothing had been done. Violeta Rodríguez of the PP maintains that the town hall administration and the Council of Mallorca have been passing the buck to each other. But the mill is a Council property.

The person responsible for the graffiti has not yet been identified. The graffiti has the initials IMG.