The incident dates back to November 2019. | Policia Nacional


Two Swedish men in their twenties have denied having robbed and set fire to a "hostess" club in ​​Palma's S'Aigua Dolça. Accused of having done so, the Prosecutor's Office is seeking sentences of five years in prison plus the payment of 27,000 euros for damage caused.

The case goes back to November 2019, at a time when the two lived and worked in Palma. The owner of the club told a court in Palma that he closed the premises at 5.45am on November 9 and that he received a phone call from his brother around 9am, telling him that "they had set fire to the place".

One of the defendants explained to the court via videoconference that he didn't know the club. "The first time I heard the name was when I was arrested." Security camera footage was played in court, one of the two saying that this didn't show him and that he didn't recognise the street.

The owner added that the pair had been drinking and refused to leave when he wanted to close the club. Later, according to witness statements from a worker at a nearby gambling hall and a homeless person, the two returned to the club, smashed the glass door with a stone and then set fire to the premises. Theft from the club included a mobile, a tablet, a stereo and bottles of drink.