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The following letter was received by the Bulletin which highlights some of the problems which local businesses face at the moment. Since Britain left the European Union it is more difficult to recruit British workers in Mallorca, especially if have never worked or lived on the island and do not have any Spanish paperwork.

Dear Sir.

I have been in business in Mallorca for the past 18 years. Currently I have been advertising across Europe for staff to work in my restaurant this coming season.

Currently, I am unable to employ any British workers, since Brexit, eventhough I have many people interested.

I have had no interest in a very high paid, daytime hours workplace, with very good working conditions. The previous workforce do NOT want to work, as they are STILL being paid ERTE (furlough) and other entitlements and monies??

Most employees received near to no financial help from the Government, and now we are told the social security payments are being raised, as is the minimum wage.

I understand that the hoteliers are demanding the Erte (furlough) to be extended another two months, this has been agreed to extend by one month.

My question is, how are we as employees expected to find workers who live here, who don’t want to work, yet, we cannot employ British workers who do?

With a very exciting possible full season ahead, I am in fear of being overwhelmed by lack of staff, resulting in poor service, and low income.

Surely we should be encouraging workers who live on the island, back in to the workplace, and not doffing our caps, (once again), to the hoteliers??

When will we, as business owners, who bring massive revenue on to the island, paid near on full taxes last year, (in a four month season), yet we are all left out in the cold once again!

Surely Mallorca, as a holiday island, should be doing our utmost to show the island off to its best, with a full compliment of staff!

After two terrible years of near zero income, I should be looking so forward to the return of the tourists. However, I have a deep uneasiness and once again feel completely let down by our government

Named and address supplied

Are you in a similar position? Please contact us: jmoore@majorcadailybulletin.es