Good prospects for the tourism season, but the start will be uneven across Mallorca. | Josep Bagur Gomila

Employers organisations in Mallorca are pointing to a three-speed tourism reactivation depending on areas of the island. This, the employers say, will affect the feasibility of reincorporating workers on 'fijo discontinuo' employment contracts.

Earlier this week, the Balearic government and unions called for all workers with these contracts to resume work by Easter at the latest. However, the Confederation of Balearic Businesses Association (CAEB) responded to this demand by stressing that the situation will vary from resort to resort.

It is suggested, therefore, that reactivation will occur over a three-month period, with fijo discontinuo employees returning in April, May or June. The Mallorca Hoteliers Federation has echoed what the CAEB has said by emphasising that not all resort areas have the same supply of tourists. It was for this reason that the hoteliers had requested that the ERTE furlough scheme should be extended until May; the latest extension is to end-March.

The general opinion among employers is that 100% reincorporation of fijo discontinuo staff can only occur with 100% reopening (or near enough 100%) of tourist accommodation and the complementary sector (bars, restaurants, shops). Even so, the large majority of employees should be back at work in April.

The urgency for reincorporation, where fijo discontinuo employees are concerned, relates to benefits. With ERTE due to come to an end by March 31, an estimated 60,000 workers could be left without receiving benefit or, if they do get benefit, a reduced amount (under 500 euros per month). There is then also the issue of their working sufficient months in order to guarantee benefits over next winter.