There are not the types of queues for tests that there were a month or so ago. | Miquel À. Cañellas


Covid indicators in the Balearics continue to fall. The number of new positive cases fluctuate day by day, a reflection of the number of tests, but the downward trend is confirmed by the rolling seven-day test rate - 14.69% on February 20 down to 11.79% on February 27. Over the past week, the highest number of cases was 455 on Tuesday, with the lowest (210) recorded this Sunday.

The cumulative incidence rates also reinforce this downward movement. The 14-day cumulative incidence for the Balearics on February 20 was 791.9. It is now 503.0. The seven-day incidence has fallen from 269.7 to 189.7.

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On hospital wards, there were 236 Covid patients on February 20. The number is now 183. In intensive care units, there are 45 patients, five fewer than on Sunday last week. Primary care cases in the Balearics have dropped from 4,875 to 3,296. Over the past week, the health ministry has reported eight deaths.

A month ago (January 27), 2,450 new cases were reported. The test rate was 32.73%. The 14-day incidence was 3249.0 and the seven-day 1223.7. There were 394 patients on wards and 90 in ICU. The number of primary care cases was 22,809. The number of deaths has risen by 91 from 1,127 on January 27.

As to vaccination, while the number of people receiving a first dose has increased by 6,259 since January 27, over the past week it has gone up by only 633. The target population percentage has risen from 87.77% to 88.33% over the month (988,525 people), but it was 88.28% a week ago. With the complete course of vaccination, there are now 953,486 people, 85.20% of the target population and 14,642 more than on January 27 and 2,830 more than on February 20.