The debate over carriage horses in Palma rages on. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - R.L.


The animal rights group Progreso en Verde has called for the new Animal Protection Law to put an end to the “exploitation” of horses used to pull the tourist carriages.

According to Progreso en Verde, the Animal Protection Law has failed to include the welfare and protection of tourist carriage horses.

The party led by activist Guillermo Amengual, has demanded that the future Animal Protection Law put an end to the “mistreatment and exploitation” suffered by the horses.

“The opportunity presented by the forthcoming Animal Protection Law to put an end to the abuse of carriage horses must not be wasted. The public does not want to continue to see horses collapsing due to heat stroke after being forced to pull hundreds of kilos in temperatures above 40 degrees,” said Amengual.

“The horses are exploited, mistreated, given hardly any water to drink and malnourished. We can no longer ignore the reality. The Animal Protection Law that is being processed barely mentions the carriage horses, among many others, and the little it does, is not enough to improve their situation or to eradicate their exploitation and mistreatment,” he added.

“Barcelona and Capdepera have already abolished the service because it is a clear mistreatment of animals and the rest of the cities like Palma should follow suit because it damages Spain’s image and puts people off visiting,” he said.