The last meeting of the Mallorcan brotherhoods. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Easter processions in Mallorca will go ahead this Easter Week.
After having been stopped because of the pandemic, Covid is still going to be a major concern.

For example, all those marching without robes which covers their faces will have to wear masks.

Even the bearers of the religious statues carried on the shoulders will also have to wear masks.

They must also be fully vaccinated and have an antigen test carried out within 24 hours before the event.

And, when at all possible, social distancing will have to respected.

The bishop of Mallorca, Sebastià Taltavull; the diocesan secretary for Formation and accompaniment of brotherhoods and workers, Jaume Rigo, and the prior of Lluc, Marià Gastalver, expalined how Easter weeks is going to happen this year over the weekend to the more than three hundred brotherhoods that attended the traditional Meeting of Brotherhoods of Mallorca that is held every year.

The last meeting of brotherhoods was held on 8 March 2020 in Lluc to finalise the details of the celebration of Easter Week 2020, but the declaration of the state of alarm on 14 March put an end to the celebrations.

Jaume Rigo explained this Sunday to the brotherhoods that the latest update of the government’s Covid plan makes it obligatory to wear masks at events attended by more than 300 people.

The diocesan secretary called for “responsibility” from the brotherhoods in order to “resume the processions with enthusiasm and hope”.

Bishop Sebastià Taltavull said: “There is no objection to recuperating the processions, but the rules must be followed. Cheer up and may this Easter Week go better than ever,” he said.