The Customs Service is at the forefront of tackling the trafficking of drugs. (Archive image.) | Daniel Espinosa


The Customs Surveillance Service in Palma has intercepted eight kilos of high-purity cocaine. It was in a shipment with Colombian coffee, which was delivered to an address in Sant Joan. The recipient was arrested as soon as he took delivery and has since been remanded in custody.

The investigation began at the end of February. The Customs Risk Analysis Unit in Barcelona detected a suspicious shipment of four boxes, each containing (supposedly) 50 500-gram packets of Colombian coffee. The final destination was Sant Joan in Mallorca.

The contents of the boxes were analysed by the Customs laboratory. This analysis detected cocaine as well as coffee. A court in Palma was informed of the situation and surveillance was organised. Customs officials followed the shipment to Sant Joan. As soon as the recipient, identified as P.C.R., took delivery, he was arrested.

This is one of the largest seizures of cocaine in Mallorca in recent years. Further arrests are not being ruled out.