Employees of the Grup Serra which publishes the Majorca Daily Bulletin held a minute's silence. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - Jaume Morey


A minute’s silence was observed today across Mallorca and the Balearics by the local authorities, public institutions and private companies to condemn the war in Ukraine, call for an end to the war and peace in Europe.

Different town councils across the islands, the Balearic government, the Council of Majorca, the fire brigades and the local police of Palma were just some of the public organisations that joined the silent protest to demand an end to the armed conflict and to remember the people who are suffering.

Palma local police observed a minute’s silence at the Sant Ferrán police headquarters and employees of the Grup Serra, which publishes the Majorca Daily Bulletin, also joined the protest at midday as more Ukrainian refugees arrived in the Balearics.