The transport federation is guaranteeing supplies. | Efe


The Balearic Transport Federation (FEBT) has reiterated that it has no intention of supporting a strike of hauliers. There will be no strike and "so the supply of all kinds of goods, perishable or not, is guaranteed".

The federation insists that there is no problem with supplies. If there is any, it is a result of consumer hoarding, itself provoked by misinformation.

The employers do suggest, however, that there will be increases in prices because extra costs will eventually have to be passed on.

One of the main unions, the CCOO, has issued a statement making clear that any strike that is due to take place on March 14 "is not a workers' strike". The unions have not called a strike. The CCOO says that it comes from self-employed workers and small businesses.

The FEBT has pointed out that there is no strike call by the main haulier associations in Spain and doesn't know who is behind this action or what is being demanded, although it would appear that demands are for Spanish government aid to mitigate the rising cost of fuel.