Municipal vehicles off the road.


At Manacor's municipal depot, there are a dozen vehicles that can't go out on the road because they haven't passed the ITV (MOT). There a further four vehicles elsewhere that are off the road for the same reason.

Council workers have criticised the town hall's management and lack of provision. The town hall says that there have been delays due to "bureaucratic problems" in respect of purchasing parts and material. It points out that "whenever it has been necessary", vehicles have been rented.

The bureaucratic problems have meant that the SAM municipal services agency has been unable to acquire parts and material without the prior approval of the agency's board. These problems are said to have now been sorted out, the town hall adding that council workers haven't been taking vehicles on time to the municipal mechanic for him to carry out inspections prior to the ITV.

The workers insist that this isn't up to them. The mechanic has all the paperwork for the entire municipal fleet. He is in charge of keeping track because drivers don't operate the same vehicles all the time. "We've never come across this sort of situation before. It's the first time it's happened," notes a council worker.