Francina Armengol, speaking in the Balearic parliament on Tuesday. | Jaume Morey

President Armengol told the Balearic parliament on Tuesday that she has called a meeting of the so-called social dialogue table for Wednesday in order to agree on measures for a national plan to deal with the crisis caused by war in Ukraine.

Government representatives will therefore be meeting with counterparts from the island councils, the town halls' federation, employers and unions.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has announced that there will be a national plan, for which regions will present proposals. For the Balearics, much focus is expected to be placed on maritime transport.

Armengol explained that she will be making a special presentation to parliament of proposals agreed by the social dialogue table. This was in response to questions from Josep Castells of Més in Minorca. He highlighted the uncertainty that is being generated in the maritime transport sector because of the increase in fuel prices and expressed a hope that the current emergency could in fact lead to historical demands being met - those to do with costs and disadvantages of insularity.