Mallorca milk industry will continue as usual. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - Gemma Andreu


The stoppage of the Spanish dairy industry will not affect the supply of milk produced in Mallorca.

Sources from the Asociación General Agraria Mallorquina (Agama) confirmed today that the announcement by the Federación Nacional de Industria Láctea de España (Fenil) to suspend its processing activity as a result of the transport strike will not alter the activity in the factory on the island or its subsequent distribution in supermarkets.

Agama guarantees the supply of this foodstuff and all its other products, such as Laccao, on supermarket shelves, given that all its milk suppliers are local.

"For the moment, we are working as normal", they said. In addition, "the collection of milk from farmers will not be affected, nor will deliveries to shops, as currently the transporters on the islands have not stopped operating as they have in other parts of Spain".

Nor is it expected that the supply of local milk products will be affected from 28 March, when the Association of Freight Hauliers of the Balearic Islands, which is part of the employers' association FEBT, will join the indefinite strike.