A special fund for fuel is being proposed. | Efe


At Wednesday's meeting of the so-called pact for reactivation in the Balearics, the regional government is set to present 37 measures. These include a specific fund for the Balearics to compensate for the increase in transport costs and a temporary reduction in port and airport taxes.

These will be measures to be presented to the Spanish government, which is due to announce a national plan next week for tackling rising prices and supply issues. The meeting brings together representatives from the government, island councils, town halls, employers, unions and political parties.

Other proposed measures include a reduction in the tax on fuel and electricity and a capping of prices to rent. The Balearic government supports the idea of a maximum price being set for electricity, although the Spanish government has now said that it will not be proposing this at this week's meeting of the European Council.

The Balearic government is meanwhile concerned that war in Ukraine and its repercussions are affecting the granting of EU Next Generation funds. The government therefore wants a procedure for speeding up delivery of funds, while it also has measures for quickening the management of these funds once they are received.