Police at the scene of the dog attack. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


A woman had to be rushed to hospital in Palma last week after being attacked by her dog, considered potentially dangerous, in the family home, located in the Camp Redó neighbourhood of the city. The victim suffered injuries to her arm.

The events, according to sources from the Palma Local Police, took place last Thursday afternoon. The officers received a call that a woman in a house in calle Jorge Sepúlveda had been attacked by her dog. The dog had also bitten the tenant's other dog, a shih tzu, on the neck.

When the police arrived at the house, they found the woman with her arm wrapped in a bloody cloth, and after giving them her version, she was taken in an ambulance to Son Espases hospital.

After controlling the situation, the victim's partner told the officers that they had had the dog which is considered potentially dangerous, a Pitbull/American Stanford mix, for just two months and that it did not even have a vaccination card. They also admitted to the officers that they did not have a licence to keep a dengerous dog.

The dog was taken to the municipal pound because the victim's partner told the officers that she did not want to keep the dog in the house.