The suspect appeared in court this morning. | M.A. Cañellas


The German woman arrested in Palma for the fatal poisoning of her father was remanded in prison toay at midday after giving her statement to the judge. She will remain in Palma prison for a maximum of ten days until she is extradited to her country. The investigation is still open and further arrests are not ruled out.

At nine o'clock this morning, the National Police transferred the 60-year-old German woman arrested in Palma for the poisoning of her father in her country, allegedly to take over the inheritance. The arrest of the woman was carried out on Friday at seven o'clock in the morning, in a joint operation with the German authorities and the Central Unit of the Natyional Police in Madrid.

The woman is accused of murder. According to investigators she planned and carried out the death of her elderly father with an overdose of pills and medication.

The dead man's granddaughter, and daughter of the detainee, also lives in Palma and was taken to court on Friday. However, she was not arrested. The alleged murderer is at the disposal of the Audiencia Nacional, for her extradition to Germany, where she will be tried.

According to judicial sources, the woman arrested in Palma, who goes by the initials I.S., murdered her father with the help of a brother. In order to do so, they gave him benzodiazepines and opiates for several days.

The father died in October 2021 and at that time, after learning the results of the autopsy, the German police opened an investigation.

The investigation led to the victim's closest circle, especially to two of his children, who months earlier had received a substantial inheritance during the lifetime of the wealthy elderly man. The suspect left her native country shortly after the crime and came to Mallorca to live. A warrant was issued from Germany on the 16th to locate her.