The dead whale near Palma. | Twitter: @IB3noticies


A whale was found dead today in Portixol near Palma. It is three metres long and is in an advanced state of decomposition.It is thought that the animal may have died some time ago and washed ashore. Natura Parc has removed the whale.

This is not the first time a whale has been sighted on the beaches of Mallorca. As recently as May 2021, a large grey whale was spotted swimming in the area of the bay of Santa Ponsa. Neighbours alerted the emergency services which sent marine specialists to the scene to assess its condition, although it was apparently not in good condition.

Shortly afterwards, the experts confirmed that it was not an anonymous whale. It was Wally, the name given to this large marine mammal. It was a fairly young specimen and the marine experts who had examined it earlier had already anticipated that it was possibly ill. This would explain her disorientation and the fact that she was lost. Wally was a long way from home, considering that her usual habitat is the oceanic waters of the Pacific and North Atlantic.