Flight disruption across the Balearics. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - Gemma Andreu


easyJet cancelled a total of ten flights to Spain today, according to the company, affecting Ibiza, Palma, Minorca and Barcelona.
The company has indicated that some of these cancellations could be due to a readjustment of planning necessary due to the increase in cases of Covid among its crew, which could affect its European operations.

The airline said it would "operate the vast majority of its 1,500 flights today on its global network, with a small proportion cancelled in advance to give customers the opportunity to rebook on alternative flights".

The low-cost carrier has expressed regret for the inconvenience caused to affected customers and expressed its confidence in finding a satisfactory solution for them.

This weekend the airline was forced to cancel more than 200 flights across its network, and a further 60 on Monday, as some of the crew were infected with the coronavirus. British Airways also cancelled dozens of flights at the last minute because it was unable to count on all its employees.

Airlines expect similar levels of pre-emptive cancellations in the coming days, due to the high level of ongoing illness in the UK. Covid-related absences are exacerbating staff shortages at UK airports and airlines that are affecting the rest of Europe.

British travellers starting their Easter school holidays this week have been hard hit, facing numerous flight cancellations at many of their airports, particularly Heathrow and Gatwick, since Monday. In addition, cross-Channel rail services were affected by significant delays.