Hotels will be rather busier over the next week or so. | Gemma Andreu

The accumulated delay in the transport of goods to the Balearics will last at least two or three more weeks and will therefore affect tourism businesses - hotels and the complementary offer of bars, restaurants and shops.

Distributors on the islands say that they are currently working on shipments that should have arrived several weeks ago but were delayed because of the hauliers' strike. The situation is being exacerbated by the Easter holidays and the consequent increased demand for supplies. For Easter, the hoteliers federation in Mallorca anticipates that some 85% of hotels will be open.

There hasn't been a gradual increase in shipments, as might typically happen, the president of the freight transport association, Ezequiel Horrach, observing that "we have gone from January to high season". He adds that although there is a similar situation across Spain, the Balearics are more sensitive because of insularity.

Priority is being given to the transport of urgent and perishable goods, those with expiry dates, while the less urgent are the "dry" goods, those that do not require refrigeration.

The hoteliers federation says that while there may be delays to some specific products, these will not entail a serious problem or a deterioration in customer service. The federation is meanwhile recommending hotels to plan the ordering of certain supplies well in advance, such as chlorine and chemicals for swimming pools.