Protesters at Thursday's council meeting. | Elena Ballestero

Alcudia town hall will review the bylaw that regulates the opening hours of bars, restaurants and other establishments. This will study the feasibility of longer hours at night without causing inconvenience to residents. Around a dozen people made their views clear on Thursday at the council meeting, which was debating a motion raised by the opposition Partido Popular to amend the current hours. The PP say that they want to help business recovery now that the season is starting.

The PP's proposals relate to various types of business - bars, cafes, restaurants, gambling halls, lottery offices and gyms. With the exception of Vox, the PP got the backing of all political groups at the town hall to study the proposed changes and to do so within six weeks.

Demonstrators demanded that the mayor, Bàrbara Rebassa, act with greater speed, reminding her that she had told them four months ago that she would respond to their call for longer hours.