Firefighters at the scene on Saturday. | Emilio Queirolo


The director of the Blue Sea Piscis Hotel in Puerto Alcudia has been praised for his courage in helping one of the kitchen staff who was trapped after the floor of the gymnasium above gave way and collapsed into the kitchen on Saturday afternoon. Despite the risk of further collapse, he went to the aid of the 59-year-old female employee, while waiting for firefighters to rescue her.

The woman was crushed by a wall that caused injuries to various parts of her body. A 57-year-old male employee suffered a head injury. Both were in a serious condition.

Police sources say that that the collapse could have caused "a real disaster". As it was, there was no one in the gym at the time (around 3pm) and there were just the two employees in the kitchen.

Speculation that the collapse was caused by a gas leak has more or less been ruled out. There was apparently no warning that the floor was about to give way. Investigations are ongoing, and the hotel, which is in the port area of Alcudia, will remain closed at least until municipal technicians can certify that there is no risk of further collapse. The 330 guests were transferred to other accommodation on Saturday.