Prices for lodging went up ten per cent between February and March. | Sergio G. Canizares


According to the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI), prices of hotels, hostels and similar in Spain have risen 32% in the past year. Between February and March, these prices went up 9.9%, which contrasts with a general three per cent increase. The CPI was 9.8% in March, the highest it has been since May 1985.

The National Statistics Institute, which presents the CPI data, attributes the rise in inflation to increases in prices for electricity, fuel, restaurants, lodging services, and food, especially fish and shellfish, meat, legumes and vegetables, and dairy products. When putting restaurants and lodging together, the CPI was 4.4% in March, eight tenths higher than in February.

The arrival of spring did not result in a notable increase in the price of flights. Fares for domestic flights were up 0.6% in March compared with February, while international flights were up two per cent. Over the past twelve months, the price of domestic flights has fallen by 0.2% and international flights by 1.1%.