Ships in Palma port. | Joan Llado

Discover what ships are moored in the Port of Palma right now thanks to the Port of Palma's website.

There are no cruise ships scheduled today in any of the Balearic Ports.

Ship of the day

MSC Seaside is a Seaside-class cruise ship currently owned and operated by MSC Cruises. As the lead vessel of the Seaside class, she lends her name to the company's Seaside class. At 153,516 GT, she would become the largest cruise ship ever to be constructed by Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri, and the 14th largest cruise ship in the world, behind Norwegian Epic, upon her delivery in December 2017. She can carry up to 5,119 passengers and a crew of 1,413.

Tomorrow: Wind Star docks in Palma at 09.00 and departs at 17.00.

Tomorrow: MSC Seaside docks in Ibiza at 11.30 and departs at 22.00.

Tomorrow: Europa docks in Mahon at 08.00 and departs at 18.00.

No cruise ships scheduled in Formentera.

Here you will discover what is moored up. Follow the link and click here.

You can also find out what is scheduled to come to Palma and the rest of the Balearics over the next few days