Calvia Local Police & Guardia Civil Officers in Santa Ponsa. | Ultima Hora


A British tourist has been arrested in Calvia for brutally beating up his 70 year old dad.

The incident happened at a hotel in Via Puig des Teix in Santa Ponsa at around 3 o’clock on Wednesday morning.

Witnesses say the man had a sudden fit of fury and pounced on his father, but it’s not clear whether he punched him or beat him with a blunt object.

Hotel staff heard someone screaming and their quick reaction prevented the victim from suffering even more serious injuries.

The defendant reportedly suffers from mental disorders and there’s speculation that his outburst may have been caused by mixing alcohol with his medication.

Hotel employees called Calvia Local Police and while the officers took control of the situation, doctors attended to the victim who has been hospitalised with serious injuries.

The 44-year-old Brit spent the night in jail and is expected to appear in court shortly.