Taras with a destroyed Russian takn in Ukraine. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Taras Ostapchuk, the Ukrainian engineer, who was arrested on February 26 after he tried to sink the Russian-owned yacht on which he worked in Port Adriano has been found guilty by a Palma court of having caused minor criminal damage.

However, Taras, who was released after being held for 36 hours and immediately returned to Ukraine where he enlisted in the army and has since been based in Kyiv, told the Bulletin today that he does not care about events in Palma and that his only concern is "defending Kyiv, fighting for Ukraine and defeating the Russians".

"I am fine, my main priority is defending Kyiv, protecting Ukraine and defeating the Russians. Life in Kyiv is gradually getting back to normal. I no longer care what happens in Mallorca, my work their is finished."